Welcome, Students!


Hey, new students (and old ones). Here at Firebug we knows it’s harder than ever to drag your loan out over the terms, and we still want you to have fun, so here’s just some of what we can do for you…


Firebug Cards are free to sign up for – we just need your email address. They get you:

  • Happy hour all the time on All Cocktails
  • £1.00 teichenne Schnapps
  • £2.00 selected bottled drinks
  • 1/3 Off Food Menu (this is a specific menu that you ask for at the bar)

And at Duffy’s, our sister bar just around the corner…

  • Happy Hour All the time on single House spirits with mixe
  • £2:00 selected bottled drinks
  • £1:00 corkys shots

subject to change


Firebug supports a whole host of student societies from both universities. We meet with each individually and build a bespoke arrangement that works for both parties – all we request is that you hold a number of ‘events’ at Firebug in any university year. This is intended to help you raise money for your society, and we’ll provide our venue and sound engineer free of charge to help you do that. Support in kind if you will.

Previous events have included gigs, comedy, casino nights, balls, themed parties, cinema nights and video games nights.

In return we provide the society with a range of offers, some available all the time, and some on specific days.


All our affiliated societies get a tonne of specific offers on Thursdays at both our venues.


  • £1.50 pints Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade
  • £2.50 pints Carling, Real Ale, House doubles with mixer
  • £3.00 pints Guinness,
  • £2.00 selected bottled drinks
  • £1.00 corkys shots


  • £3 quicktails ( a selection of cocktails on our menu )
  • £1.50 Coke / Diet Coke   Lemonade , £1:50 selected bottled beer
  • Selected special offers as available
  • ½ Off Food Menu ( this is a specific menu that you ask for at the bar )

subject to change