We’re Now Open Until 4am EVERY Night

As of this weekend Firebug is now open until FOUR O’CLOCK in the morning, every single night. Including Sundays. We’ll be serving drinks and good times all the way through.

We also serve hot, home cooked food every single day, suitable whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or a committed meat eater. Join us!

Get to Know Firebug’s Veggie and Vegan Options

Firebug has a ‘Food for all’ policy. That means we cater to meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. We want you to be able to come and eat and drink with your friends regardless of their tastes and generally have an excellent time.

We’ve been catering to vegetarians and vegans for over ten years with a menu developed in-house by our vegan chef.¬†With 15 separate vegan items on the menu and 30 veggie ones (not including specials or build your own options) there are tonnes of choices – whatever your tastes.

Most of Firebug’s food is home made and freshly prepared so you can switch out items to create your own meals – from holding the mayo, to adding vegan chilli to our burgers.

It doesn’t end there though. We can also make all our cocktails and hot drinks with soya milk, so even our drinks are vegan.

Check out the full menu over on our food page, or, here is our menu with the non veggie / vegan options removed. We’re pretty proud of how much is left.

Leicester Comedy Festival at Firebug

Christmas may be over, but there’s plenty to look forward to at Firebug to get you through the winter months – not least Leicester’s incredible comedy festival, which hits Firebug (and tonnes of other venues across the city) from 7th – 25th February. Read more

Christmas at Firebug

We’ve got a ton of great stuff coming up this Winter at Firebug. Check our full listings here, but here are some highlights: Read more

Halloween Week in Leicester

At Firebug we make a big deal out of Halloween, and this year we’ve exploded beyond just our own bar. Here’s a list of everything you can look forward to over Halloween week at Firebug and beyond…

Wednesday 25th October
Midlands Movies presents From Dusk Till Dawn Halloween
From 7pm

Thursday 26th October
They’re back ! Nagasaki Birth Defect at Duffy’s Bar FREE ENTRY!

The Rock Society in association with DMU Rock Society
From midnight until 4am

Friday 27th October
Glitterbug Halloween Show & Monster Ball After Party
From 8pm until 4am

Saturday 28th October
Firebug Halloween Saturday
From 8pm until 4am
Bands and Feedback Clubnight. FREE ENTRY

(Also at Dryden Street Social Goldwater + Hell’s Addiction Halloween Party!)

Tuesday 31st October
Halloween Tequila Quiz
From 8pm – Our quiz but spooky and with Tijuana Sweet Heat!

Firebug Halloween Party 2017
From 9pm until 4am
Bands and Feedback Clubnight, upstairs and downstairs. FREE ENTRY